Sweethearts is proud yet humbled to have won so many awards in the last few years. We thank you, our guests that vote for us, think of Sweethearts as your home, and who believe in the quality entertainment we bring you, weekly.  If not for you, our guest

s, our Shop renters, our staff, our DJ's, our management, Sweethearts would be simply an empty piece of land.


Nominated - Most Romantic Venue in Second Life - by the Soul Train Awards

Winner - AviChoice Favorite Jazz Club 2015 - Sweethearts Jazz Club

Winner - AviChoice Favorite DJ - Blake Hambleton

Winner - AviChoice Favorite Photographer - Shannon Bramlington

Nominated - AviChoice Favorite Formal Venue 2015

Winner - AviChoice Favorite Live Music Venue - Sweethearts Select

Winner - AviChoice Favorite Senior Venue - Sweethearts Jazz Club

Winner - AviChoice Favorite Host - Tyre Parx

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Winner- AviChoice Favorite DJ - Blake Hambleton

Nominated - AviChoice Favorite Formal Venue

Winner - AviChoice Favorite Jazz Club - Sweethearts Jazz Club

Winner - AviChoice Favorite Host or Hostess - Elita Wardell

Winner - AviChoice Favorite Second Life Group - Sweethearts Jazz Social Club Group

Nominated - Favorite Shopping Region

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Quotes from the Owners

""We'd like to thank all that voted for Sweethearts and it's entities. We were thrilled, what a great day it was to bring our entire management staff and sit front row VIP for the event. The week of the AviChoice was bitter sweet for us. As I looked down the row of chairs... I noticed that there was only ONE vacant seat in the whole front row. Then I had to smile... because that "empty" chair was taken by our former mentor manager, Annette Hyun. Annette passed away the Wednesday before the AviChoice Awards. She was there with us, screaming on Skype and jumping up and down each time Sweethearts was called out. We dedicate all our awards to her, and bring home FOUR AviChoice awards to our Sweethearts! We love you all for supporting us, and we miss you Annette... we know you were there, sitting right there with us!" - Shannon Bramlington, Owner, Sweethearts Jazz


 "The AviChoice Awards was a defining moment for Sweethearts Jazz. We wouldn't have been there at all if it hadn't been for the hard work and support of everyone collectively. I think for me it was one of the exciting moments for me since being in Second Life. It "fall out of your chair" was amazing! It feels like a real success, like you finally did something right. I couldn't believe the residents of second life picked me to be their favorite DJ of 2013. I've only been Dj-ing for a year, and I still have a lot to learn, but to be voted the favorite Fj of SL, was more than I could ever have hoped for. Thank you all for thinking so much of me to vote for me, and for Sweethearts. I know in a lot of ways we wish Annette could have been there with us, but we know she was smiling down at us from above." Blake Hambleton, Owner, Sweethearts Jazz and 2013-2015 AviChoice Award Winner, Favorite Dj.

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