Sweethearts Jazz Club Rules & Policies

Welcome to the Sweethearts Regions, the regions of love. Blake and Shannon welcome you and hope you enjoy your time. Please remember like any where you visit in second life, there has to be rules to keep us all functioning. We appreciated your compliance. Thank you for coming!

----Sweethearts Entities Explained---

 Sweethearts Jazz and Romance Club  - Sweethearts Original Club, playing BOTH romance and Jazz music Open 24/7

  Sweethearts Select - Our Full Formal Event House,  Members Only. Open 24/7 Full Rules and Policies of Sweethearts Select is located on our website HERE.


  Sweethearts Plaza - Shopping provided by the shops renting at Sweethearts, If you'd like to rent at Sweethearts please see this link to our website: Rental Info

  Sweethearts II - A region attached to Sweethearts currently rented by the Regal Academy. The Regal Modeling Academy is   in contract with Sweethearts and the Ms Sweethearts Pageant and has no bearing on the region of   Sweethearts. As Sweethearts II is it's own entity at this time. The company DBA Regal Modeling Academy is owned by Eibhline Resident and is not apart of the Sweethearts umbrella.

  --Things to Understand--

Sweethearts resides on a G or GENERAL rated Private Region. Linden Labs is very specific about what behavior and language is acceptable on a G Rated region. Our staff enforces the rules set by Linden Labs, DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER FOR ENFORCING THESE RULES - see their website for what Linden Labs's Rating System includes: LL Policy Located Here.

Sweethearts is a privately owned region and we have the right to self govern as we see fit. We pay $305 USD per month for you to be here. So please respect our home as we would respect yours.

If you chose to Slander  or Harass Sweethearts in anyway inside or outside of Second Life, including chat, graphic crashers, group slander, griefing, defame, defamation, blog slander, facebook, twitter,  or any other social media slander, Website slander, news outlets, magazines, real world print, or any other form of derogatory  opinions, comments, or words regarding Sweethearts, it's entities, owners or staff, we can and will ban or remove you from Sweethearts, and it's social media, website, groups etc. We CAN report you to the Real life authorities in your area with the help of Linden Labs, we also can take legal action against you and upset YOUR Real Life and yes, it's been done before :)   You've been warned.

--All other Region Rules Below--
If you own or work for another club in Second Life and use your time at Sweethearts to group invite, landmark, poach, renting ad-boards, are here to "make yourself known", are adding friends, or any other tactic to grow your club, we consider this poaching, and will remove you, and your staff from the regions and groups. You won't see us in your club taking your guests, so don't take ours.

Please remember we're PG in content AND in conversation. PG CHATTING ONLY. in Local/Nearby Chat.
No Foul Language - For those that can't seem to understand what FOUL LANGUAGE MEANS, here is for the stupid - This includes and NOT limited to the words, asshole, fuck, shit, goddamn, cunt, faggot, fucker, and any form of these words both in english or any other language.

No Sexual conversations - Borderline sexual talk/chat, sexual innuendos, or sexual harassment to guests.in local chat.

Please respect our staff and other guests at all times while visiting Sweethearts. They are carrying out the rules of Sweethearts and we expect all guests to adhere.

--Avatar Forms--
Furries ARE allowed at Sweethearts however those on 2 legs must be in proper attire, and those on 4 legs may enter in fur alone with no bits, dangling.
Furry is noted to be the following only: Foxes, Squirrels, Cats, Neko, Dogs, and Wolves etc.

Avatars are allowed only in furry or human form, no other exceptions.

The above are allowed only IF their size is no larger than the normal human avatar form. No Large over grown avatars in ANY form is allowed.

Barnyard, Zoo, Cars, Ridden animals of any kid, are NOT allowed at anytime.

No child, teen, infant, babies, or toddler avatars allowed in the Sweethearts Regions.

If you choose to wear a pet into the ballroom it must be attached to your avatar and may NOT follow or sit beside, behind you etc.
No pets on the ground. They must be on your "person" at all times.
Pets should be small additions to your avatar and not be larger than 2x2 meters.

--There Will Be No--
No gender bashing, ie "men are so stupid", or "women are only good for one thing." Bashing.
No Spankers or whips worn or heard.
No weapons un-holstered
No Talk of politics, religion, sexual orientation.
No loud or rude gestures
No Escorts or soliciting of a sexual nature
No griefing
No nudity
PG Dress code enforced Formal dress is PREFERRED but not required.
No Spamming or advertising of any kind.
No Landmark dropping, group joiners or URL's in chat.
Leave all RL world issues at the door, talk of politics, religion, sexual preferences, racism, etc is not allowed in chat.

Sweethearts is the ONE PLACE where the Real World issues are laid to rest so that all may enjoy and get along.

--Attention Renters--
People who choose to do paid advertising with us must follow the same guidelines and additionally:

Failure to read is YOURS and you will not be refunded for any purchases or services paid in to Sweethearts for violation of rules. Read before you pay!

--In Total--
We reserve the right to self govern and change our rules at any time. Avatars that insist on wearing many heavily scripted attachments are sometimes removed without notice in an effort to keep our region running smoothly. (Mysti-tools, radar huds, resizer scripts, and other "high listening" scripts are often the culprits for an avatar being over our script limits. Remove these items quickly and promptly to avoid being removed yourself.

We know these rules may sound harsh or forceful to some, but after 6 years, we've seen all of the above and more.

We thank you for your understanding and your compliance,

-Sweethearts Management

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