So you've read the rules, and you're ready to go! So let's do this!


Our New Step By Step Guide as of 2015

Step One: - Availability. What's open? Find the location you'd like to rent. (note: if there's no sign that says FOR RENT, then it's not) You MAY however contact Blake Hambleton to add you to the waiting list for any shop currently rented.

Step Two: -  Look for the rental box. They will allow you to rent right away. No waiting on someone to get you in.

Step Three: - Make sure to Read The RULES before you rent. Failure to read will result in your items being returned and no refunds will be given.

Step Four - You read the rules? Awesome! Congrats, you've made it farther than most. Please note some shops cost more than others, and ALL are on a monthly basis. When you're ready to rent. Right Click and Pay the box.

Step Five - The box will now add you to our Land Management Group to Rez, Click JOIN.

Step Six - In local/nearby chat it will thank you for renting and tell you how long your rental will last. NOTE: Your rent box will MOVE to the inside corner of your shop door. The box will now say "IN USE". Go inside your shop, turn around to face the door and cam up and to the right. The box will look like this after you have paid the rental: 



Step Six: - Pass Blake Hambleton your FULL PERM LOGO and he'll put your logo on the signs for you when he is available.

                 If your logo doesn't fit, simply use photoshop to size your logo. Please do NOT rez a prim with your logo over our signs.


Additions - * You may add your partner to the box yourself. Making both available to pay and rez as well.


 Make Your Store Beautiful. Remember that our guests are your potential customers. The more attractive your store is, the more they will want to come inside to see YOUR items. HINT: Leaving wall space makes your store look less commercial and more inviting. Wall to wall boards of items are NOT attractive.

   And That's it! Welcome to Sweethearts!!!

   For questions please see our Rental FAQ

   Last resort, contact Blake Hambleton but only AFTER you've done everything above AND read the FAQ.



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