Sweethearts is a magical place, boasts two venues for your entertainment. The regions of romance has a long standing reputation of love, fun, and a  social entertainment in a PG atmosphere. Sweethearts has 100% authentic guests, unlike other areas, we use no alts, no bots and nothing that would alter your experience. Sweethearts has the largest active plaza in second life currently. With weekly sales in our plaza, daily contests and events, DJ's and 24 hour hosting. There's something for everyone on the region. Sweethearts has an in house wedding region, a coffee shop and movie theater.

The Original Club that started it all, Sweethearts Jazz is a landmark club, with 24/7 access, the club means a lot to those who travel here. The compliments on decor and the upgrades have pushed Sweethearts Jazz to the top of it's game once again.Sweethearts Jazz plays Jazz music along with the best love songs of each decade and genre. Contests daily and chatters and Sweethearts around the clock to talk to meet and have fun with.

Our new members only event venue is, Sweethearts Select. Sweethearts Select was born a few short weeks ago and already has over 525 members and growing daily. It's the best of both worlds, bringing you 2000 contests and the atmosphere you crave. It's full formal, and was voted "The Best Place to Propose" by Lusch Audio.  Sweethearts S elect's walk of Fame is dedicated to those Select free that were among the first to ever join, and the 'Selective' this year will be founding members for years to come, with star status.


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Sweethearts has always offered weddings! Now Le Coeur Weddings at Sweethearts located on Sweethearts Second region is here to help you. Whether you're doing your wedding yourself, we offer supplies for your big day, or if you'd like to marry here, we can handle that too!

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