Sweethearts Supports Charities                      

As of October 2015 Sweethearts has raised over

3.5 MILLION Linden

for the two charities we support. The ALZ.org benefiting Alzheimer's Dementia and Creations for Parkinson's Benefiting the Michael J Fox Foundation!

Our latest event took place in October 2015, raising almost $600,000 L's in only 12 hours!


The 4th Annual Creations for Parkinson's Event!  

Friday, October 16, 2015
8 am - 8 pm SLT
Sweethearts Jazz Club
Events Begin 8 am
Auction - 1:00 pm
Dinner   - 6:30 pm
DJ's and Contests for all 12 hours
Teleport to Sweethearts

Charity Dinner Tickets are on Sale Now.*

100% of all proceeds fun The Michael J. Fox Foundation

*Dinner will take place at Sweethearts Select, you must be a member to enter the dinner. Please see the signs outside to become a group member. There is a one time L$499 membership to join Sweethearts Select. 

Creation's for Parkinson's As seen on the Drax Files. Watch HERE




Be an Alz- Star at Sweethearts 3rd Annual Alz.org fundraiser!

 January 27, 2015

8am - 8pm SLT

at Sweethearts Jazz Club



Sweethearts honors those loved ones fighting their battle with ALZ/Dementia
and we memorialize those that have been taken from us.

If you have a loved one that you'd like to honor or memorialize during our event, submit their name to the
Wall of Loved Ones kiosk in our ballroom
Location: http://tinyurl.com/Visit-Sweethearts

This event and all others are in honoring tribute to Jim Hart, Charles Johnston and all of our loved ones surviving or that have passed from ALZ/Dementia.

Thank you to our sponsors and a special thanks to The Firestorm Project, Jessica Lyons and Linden Labs' Destination Guide guru Morgan Linden.

Want to make sure you donation is really going towards ALZ.org? Check the Sweethearts Tribute page on the Alz.og website located HERE.

(please remember that our goal page on the alz.org website may take up to 3 weeks to post as we have to cash out Linden$ in order to process to alz.org. the donation made at the event will NOT be instant due to Linden Labs' processing cash out policies. However feel free to check back to verify and to see our end totals!)

Our next Charity Event will be for Creations for Parkinson's the Michael J Fox Foundation on
Tuesday, May 13, 2014. 8 am -8 pm.
Dinner Tickets are on Sale at both Sweethearts and at Creations for Parkinson's
Sweethearts Select brings you Dinner by The Harbor! With 100% proceeds going to Creations for Parkinson's!

Help Us Reach  Our 1 MILLION L$ Goal!

12 HOURS of contests, live singers, Dj's, and more with ALL proceeds going to Creations for Parkinson's, the Michael J Fox Foundation! Join us on the13th for this 3rd Annual Event for this special cause! Last year we raised 756,000 L's, this year we hope to make it to 1,000,000 L's! All from our hearts, because Sweethearts, is all heart!

  Join us 8 am -8 pm here-> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweethearts/140/145/25 Or type in SWEETHEARTS in your map. You may also search SWEETHEARTS and teleport via search!



Every year Sweethearts Jazz supports special charity fundraising events.  The three supported causes at Sweethearts are Michael J. Fox Creations For Parkinson, Relay For Life, and The Alzheimer's Association.  If you'd like to donate to any of these charity fundraisers, Sweethearts will be sure to keep you posted on when the special events for each will be happening and sincerely hope that you'll be in attendance to show your support. If you'd like to donate now, please click our DONATE NOW link. Sweethearts is a trusted source for donations and happily provide you with all receipts and verifiable phone numbers for all their donations. 


 Sweethearts has donated L$2.4million so far for our three charities!








Donate to our Charities NOW! 

Donation Types
Your Second Life Name

 Michael J. Fox Creations For Parkinson's

Each year Sweethearts Jazz holds a series of events in cooperation with the Michael J. Fox Creations For Parkinsons team to raise funds for the battle against Parkinsons.  The color of support for Parkinsons disease is blue, so many guests sport blue formal attire to outwardly show support.  The events lineup consist of live performers, amazing DJ's and formal paid events also.  Every linden raised goes directly to the cause and all events held, are held all day long.  You'll know when you're here that you've chosen to make a difference. 




   Relay For Life

Another charity fundraiser that Sweethearts strongly supports every year is the Relay For Life in association with the American Cancer Society.  The chosen support color is pink.  Events are held for a period of 12 hours at Sweethearts in order to raise money for this cause and you'll see that even the gentlemen don't mind sporting their pink on this day because it's such a worthy and honorable cause.  DJ's, live singers and many paid, special events are held and Sweethearts finds that there's noting more worthwhile and making a difference, one day at a time.




The Alzheimer's Dementia Association

The Alzheimer's Dementia Association made its impact on the hearts of all Sweethearts this year, as a newcomer to the club in charity fundraisers.  A close and personal cause to Shannon Bramlington as well as to Blake Hambleton, this fundraiser was touching as well  as important in making a change in the lives of those both living and passed, and the need to find help and a possible cure for  those still living with the suffering of Alzheimer's.  The color to wear during the Alzheimer's fundraiser is purple; wear it proudly and wear it from your heart and know that just by you being here, you've done something amazing and together...we can change something in a big way.  

The Alzheimer's Dementia Association was so touched by the effort made by all the Sweethearts that they made us our own donation page on THEIR website. We're now able to take donations for them all year round

Donate directly to Alz.org here



Sweethearts is not currently accepting charity requests at this time. Thank you for your interest.

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