Now that you're ready to book your wedding, let's go over a few things. And yes... you'll actually have to read this part because if you don't you may get your wedding cancelled, so please read everything.

After 6 years of doing weddings we have compiled a list of our rules based on our precious experience. Please know these rules were made because someone "stupid" did something to require us to make a rule. *sighs*.  Please read all rules, we will ask you to SIGN after you read. We understand that for some couples, a wedding is the most money they'll ever spend in Second Life, and we want you to get the most for that money.  NOTE: The rules are blunt, not meant to be mean, they are simple and to the point.

 --The Rules --

There are two sets of rules, The Zilla Policy and the Venue Rules. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your money and the cancellation of your wedding. You must read and agree to all before you are allowed to book your wedding.

The Zilla Policy

We understand that your wedding is the day you've been dreaming about and we will do all that we can to make those dreams come true. We've been doing weddings in SL for over 6 years and have discovered that something about weddings brings out the best and worst in brides (and grooms). This being said, we are here to assist you  (Here comes the but) BUT, we will not "put up with",  tolerate, or allow the following:


♥ "Going off" on our staff
♥ Aa bride (or groom) that likes drama and ruins their own wedding day.
♥ Demanding Brides and Grooms. We do most everything you ask, but we will NOT be spoken to as  "hired help". We do several weddings WEEKLY and are professionals. There's no reason for our staff to be talked to in a way that is in anyway,    demanding. Please ASK, don't demand.
♥ Intolerance of other SL residents that choose to live their SL lives as anything other than an adult human. ie; furries, child avatars, etc.
♥ Intolerance for anything beyond our control, i.e; a down stream, sl glitches, sl crashes, sim server crashes etc, this is SL... things DO happen.
♥Brides that insist on making a change the day of the wedding and throwing a fit when the day doesn't go how they'd have liked because of their last minute change.
♥ Going against the bridal contract.
♥Brides that tell us everything is fine till the wedding day, then blowing up at something that was told to them before the wedding date. If you don't ask, how will you know? ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE HAND. We will tell you everything we can think of to make your day the best, but if you do not tell us something you can't stand, don't like, don't feel comfortable with, TELL US BEFORE YOUR DATE. (example: I hate the song shameless by garth brooks- don't play it) WE WON'T. Simple as that. Tell us upfront BEFORE your wedding, and we will NOT do it. (example - Mary Jones, will ruin our wedding she's jealous and I don't want her at my wedding.)  WE WILL BAN MARY JONES BEFORE THE DATE)
♥ Brides that have someone show up at their wedding not invited and throw a fit. This happens but not often, either a passer by on the sim, looking for their own wedding takes a TP to the venue to see it not knowing there is a wedding there. . Or, someone you don't like shows up, WE will handle them, it's your day, no need to get upset over someone stupid coming to crash it.
♥ We do not care how much money you paid, whether it was $5 L or $500,000, we will treat all the same, so do NOT attempt to throw your weight around and ask us to do more for you if you pay more or threaten us with the amount of money you paid. Linden Labs does not honor personally made contracts, you pay at your own risk, so filing an abuse report for anything small or large, will not discontinue our business entities. In other words, do not threaten our staff or us, because we will keep your money ban you from ALL our regions and good luck explaining it to your guests.

These are a few examples of issues that may classify a bride as a bride/groomzilla. Please remember, this is a day you've been waiting and dreaming of,  perfection is a goal but life does happen, which may turn out to be a laughing memory in your married future. The owners of Le Coeur Weddings started this business BECAUSE of a bad wedding experience, we DO understand weddings and  are very experienced in making your day the best we can. To us, there's no need to "go Bridezilla" , leave the stress and worry to us, and enjoy your wedding day :)


Are We Having Fun Yet? .. Almost done!

  Venue Rules and Restrictions

    Here is what we will and will not do in regards to the venue itself, and what we allow you to do.

    1. The venue is custom, this means that it was built to be a wedding venue, and only a wedding venue, it can not be used for any other purpose.

    2.  The Venue will not change, we will not move this wall for you, this door for you, we will not put the bridal chambers in the sky, we will not do any additions or subtractions to the venue, it is gorgeous and if you changed it for every single couple it would never look exactly the same ever again. So please do not ask. We will not. And no.. you can not pay us extra for it, sorry. Unlike some people, money does NOT talk to us. We don't do this for the money... trust us.

3. The colors are changeable.. to a point. Our wedding planners CAN show you the venue in certain colors and we have a large selection, but please understand there are some colors we just don't do.  Your wedding planner will be able to work this out for you.

4. All weddings MUST have a rehearsal. It doesn't matter to us if this is your first, last or 70th wedding and you're a pro. We want to make sure all goes will by having a rehearsal for your wedding party.

5. No changes made with in 48 hours of your wedding. This ensures a smoother run of your wedding. This includes venue, bridal party additions changes, and decor etc.

6. Most weddings take a total of 2 1/2 to 4 hours depending on the package you've chosen, Please make sure your bridal party knows this. We can NOT speed up or slow down your wedding, so please make the allotted time on your wedding day and ask that your bridal party does as well.

7. We will not accept any additions to the bridal party as of the time the rehearsal begins. If some one does not show up for your rehearsal they may NOT walk in the wedding We're sorry but they MUST attend the rehearsal in order to be in your wedding.

8. Wedding substitutes: If a member of your wedding party does not show up for your wedding and you'd like to substitute there will be a $500 L fee as we have to teach them our walk in and walk out procedure and on some cases put out additional poses for them. This fee still stands even if the substitute has been in weddings before.

9. Language Barriers. As we all know the world speaks many languages and translators only do so much. If you or someone in your wedding party does NOT know English, they can not be in the wedding. The translators in world just are not good enough to walk through the wedding process. We will not accept couples that don't BOTH type and read English. (trust us there is a reason.)

10. We will NOT work with any bridal party member that is under 30 days old in SL. The time it takes to teach SL to them is far beyond what our limits allow. Choose your bridal party carefully. Also children avatars that you wish to have we suggest you carefully select. From experience, many that may be in your SL at the time, may not be in the days, weeks months that follow and you will forever have them in your photos as long as you both shall "live".

11. No changes to date and time of your wedding after the receipt of your invitations. If a change is made, then there will be a 1,500L charge to remake your invitations.

12. You will be asked to provide songs to the DJ before your wedding day. You and your guests are free to requests songs during the reception.  There will be no song changes to the CEREMONY 24 hours before your wedding. Please tip your Dj :)

13. Our DJ and our photographer are both AviChoice award winners in their fields. You may choose to use them as part of our package or as an ad on or you can substitute by using your own, however you will be responsible for paying the cost of your substitute and you will NOT be discounted in your package for bringing your own photographer, dj, live singer, wedding planner, or other professional.

14. You will be asked to provide songs to the DJ before your wedding day. You and your guests are free to requests songs during the reception.  There will be no song changes to the CEREMONY 24 hours before your wedding. Please tip your Dj :)

15. Your wedding planner - Your wedding planner will be your most important contact between you and the venue. Feel free to send a message to your planner at anytime with questions. Each package comes with a time limit with your planner one on one. Questions are not part of this time limit and are at no charge, however if you require your planner to accompany you to pick out dress, or flowers etc, you will be charged the 2500L fee per hour if the time limit is reached on your chosen package.

16. Stalkers- We all have those who almost seem to make it their mission on sl to make us miserable, in this case we ask that you give us the name of the person you are definitely NOT wanting to spoil your wedding. Please do not make it a list.. we'll accept a few names. We wouldn't want there to be anything that will endanger your day. We will remove the person off that list after your wedding day is over as Wedding Dreams may not have had an issue with a particular person.

Our Le Coeur Wedding staff works MANY hours on your wedding. Anyone of our staff welcomes tips, from the photographer, wedding planner, minister, Dj, etc. Please make sure they are taken care of as well, they're working  to make sure your day is nothing short of perfection.


- Payments and Refund Policy -

There are 2 ways to pay for your package, and please note that HALF of any package is nonrefundable.

  1. You may pay for your package in full.

If you paid your venue in full please NOTE that half of your package price, is nonrefundable. However, if your wedding is cancelled, and you need a refund, you will receive HALF of your total package price in return. The cancellation MUST BE 2 weeks or more before your booked date to receive HALF of your package refund back. No exceptions.

      2. You may pay for HALF of your wedding package at booking and the other half 2 weeks before your wedding.
If your wedding is cancelled 2 weeks before your wedding, you will NOT receive a refund, No exceptions. If you have paid your second half, and are paid in full, and your wedding is cancelled 2weeks before your wedding date, then you will receive HALF of your payment back only.

Whether you paid HALF or ENTIRE, the first half of your package is ALWAYS NON REFUNDABLE. All cancellations must be made 2 weeks before your wedding regardless of refunds.

PLEASE NOTE: That IF your wedding is cancelled by you or your partner on the rehearsal date or after NO refunds will be given at all! None.

If your wedding is cancelled by our staff, the same rules above apply.

If your wedding needs to have it's date moved, you will receive credit only, no refund. We will only reschedule your wedding.. ONCE.

Please read our FAQ page if you are unsure of any of the rules above.


Now it's time to book! Ready to cement your love?

First, look below and see if your wedding date is available,

Please note that our hours of operation are 8 AM SLT to 8 PM SLT  We do close for RL etc, we do NOT do weddings 8pm SLT to 8am SLT. And we are closed every Tuesday!

if it is, please fill out our wedding form, it will show you how and where to pay and what to do next! Congratulations!





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