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About Le Coeur Weddings & Supplies:

Le Coeur Weddings and Supply, formerly known as Wedding Dreams, was founded in 2009 by Shannon Bramlington and Blake Hambleton after their wedding in 2009 went horribly wrong. They didn't want any other couple to go through what they went through, and Le Coeur Weddings was born! It has exploded over the years into 4 different divisions.

Le Coeur Weddings has 4 divisions.

  • Original Wedding Supplies for do it yourself-ers
  • Weddings held at the exclusive Kindred Soul Wedding Venue at Le Coeur Weddings
  • Honeymoon and Vacations Suites. *NEW* and NOW OPEN!
  • Shhhh Top Secret (Coming Soon)


 Division 1 -  Le Coeur Weddings Honeymoons and Vacations:

  We offer 3 different Honeymoon/Vacation destinations with easy rentals that require no group to join for you OR your partner. Luxury suites that are of course NOT on the Region of Sweethearts, but on your own private parcel. Each decored differently, for maximum romance.    The rentals are available for 2,4or 6 days. Your Choice! Take the teleport to the Vacation office and you can teleport around to all three destinations for a self tour of each suite! Reserving is easy and quick! Turn any day in to your honeymoon!

   The Exquisite      Desire's Cove                                                                                                                               Edge of Temptation


Division 2 - Le Coeur Weddings,  Kindred Soul Wedding Venue

For all of our Sweethearts who say "We met at Sweethearts and want to marry at Sweethearts" this is dedicated to YOU!  Regardless of where you met, we'd love to hold your wedding at Kindred Soul. It's the home of the Celebrity Wedding of Blake and Shannon's 5 year renewal. Built in 2014 by Shannon Bramlington, Kindred Soul is a one of a kind. This means it is not for sale anywhere and was built exclusively for Le Coeur. You will not teleport around and see this venue other locations or for sale on marketplace or anywhere. It is truly one of a kind. Many have tried to copy it's elegance, but there is only ONE Kindred Soul, and it's only for YOU.

Kindred Soul is the only wedding venue offered at Le Coeur for our in house weddings. We only offer one wedding venue because of the high quality of detail that we offer in the weddings we have here. By having one unique venue we can dedicate all our resources, prim, and concentration to, making it the most beautiful and sought after wedding venue in Second Life.

 Kindred Soul offers your guests real moving limo service to your wedding. Your guests arrive in style at the steps of the venue. They then have a straight shot into the chapel, no chance of getting lost around sidewalks or trees. The bridal couple have their own individual bridal chambers we call the Bridal Chamber and The Man Cave. These areas are separated and on the same level as the chapel. In our years of experience, rookie companies will teleport the bride from the sky only to leave her unrezzed and waiting to see pose balls that sometimes never come.

 The chapel can hold 90 people comfortably. With seating for all. Why not 100? because the couple the bridal party and the Le Coeur staff do not require seating. High detailed textures and lighting used in the design of the Kindred Chapel. Two sets of double doors lead you and your guests to the outside garden reception area.

 You are announced into your reception from the balcony and come in to a pavilion reception to your awaiting guests. For your cake and first dance! Blake and Shannon demanded the best at their wedding and their high standards are passed on to you. Get ready to have the wedding of your absolute dreams! If you need more proof, watch our 40 minute video, fast forward if you like, it will show you what is possible for YOUR dream wedding.


   Division 3 - Le Coeur Weddings & Supplies  (Re-opening Soon!)

Wedding Supplies!!! Le Coeur meaning "the heart," created by Shannon Bramlington has a wide array of gorgeous, original builds, to offer to the new couple soon to be married.  Pricing for each venue can be seen on the vendor in front of it, and each venue can also be rezzed for an actual walk through it to see it up close and personal.   Explore the wedding supplies such as rotating dance floors that can be personalized with couples names, wedding bouquets, aisle runners, wedding cakes, and so much more.  Anything you need for your upcoming wedding, you can find here. Our new store full of all of All New Releases will be open soon! Our products from 2010-2014 are available STILL on Marketplace in the meantime.


 Division 4 -  Coming Soon.

Shhhhh we can't tell you EXACTLY what it is. There are only 3 people in the world that know and they are sworn to secrecy! CLASSIFIED! Check back soon to find out what's up next!


When you think of weddings, think of what your heart desires and you'll never forget "Le Coeur," doing it right for going well on 6 years of experience.



The wedding venues you'll see at Le Coeur Weddings are unlike any other in Second Life. Creator and builder Shannon Bramlington first started building in 2009, her first build was a castle the size of a quarter region. The "

go big or go home" attitude turned in to all you see today. Custom textures and original builds, challenges other creators in Second Life to keep creating original builds.  The photo is one of a replica of the Royal Couple's wedding cake! Want one? It's still offered on Marketplace under the William and Kate for a limited time!








Le Coeur Weddings offers the best, our long list of testimonies attests. Read what some of our other wedding customers have said about us. The good the bad, nothing is undercover,

  "It was beautiful. I appreciated you being there through the whole ceremony and instructing us through it.  You also helped the bride to remain calm. It went smoothly and it was very organized. I will refer perspective couples to   your venue" - Sidney & Coqsy


   "Your wedding venues are so beautiful, like nothing I've ever seen on the market!" - RosalynnT.


Over 250 Weddings performed to date and growing!


Le Coeur Weddings has a very special minister, Blake Hambleton, he's been performing wedding ceremonies for almost 4 years. After booking, Mr. Hambleton will meet with you and your fiancé to discuss your ceremony. Each ceremony is handwritten custom for each couple. Formally dressed, and in your chosen colors, your minister will be at your wedding to make sure you are wed with elegance and grace. To book Blake Hambleton for YOUR wedding contact him in world or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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