Thinking about renting at Sweethearts?  

Thank you for your interest in being apart of the Sweethearts Plaza the Largest Active Plaza in Second Life! Many designers have launched their careers starting with a shop at Sweethearts. Many types of designers do well with us from clothing to shoes, to hair and jewelry, photographers and many more.

The vendors that make it big know this secret.... You may not make a sale this week or even next, but people are seeing you, they WILL find your main store and many find it from here. A lot of vendors lose their businesses because they think if they don't make a sale from a shop, they're not making money. Advertising is key, and a way to do it, is to be where the people are... LIKE RIGHT HERE!

What we can offer you:

** Shop at Sweethearts

** Rent a Click Ad

** Adboards in world

** Sponsorships to have your brand advertised in our events, notices and on air with our DJ's.

Contact Blake Hambleton for more information.


We were also AviChoice Award Nominated for our Plaza alone for Best Shopping District in SL in 2013!

We're doing it up RIGHT at Sweethearts Plaza. Let us help launch YOU!


 First... The Rules


The NO NO's

No Group Joiners         No Particle Poofers

No Welcome Mats        No Visitor Trackers

No Subscribers             No Revolving Vendors

No Multi Vendors         No Divas. Be Nice

No Hover/Floating Text  

No items outside of your shops.

No Wedding products (Restricted to Wedding World only)

No Lingerie                    

No Tours... we think you can read the "FOR RENT SIGNS"


Ready To Rent? How to Rent

Rent a Click Ad

Click Ads give the user direct teleports to your main store. Our website received over 405,000 hits last year,your items could be seen by the masses as well. Please contact Shannon Bramlington in world or via email for information on click ads for your business.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Advertise with Us

Do you have a product in Second Life that you're trying to get off the ground? Sweethearts has helped to launch several in world designers over the years. See what we can offer you.

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Want to Get Married at Sweethearts?

Sweethearts has always offered weddings! Now Le Coeur Weddings at Sweethearts located on Sweethearts Second region is here to help you. Whether you're doing your wedding yourself, we offer supplies for your big day, or if you'd like to marry here, we can handle that too!

Get Married!

Contact Us

Have a suggestion, idea, need us for something? Sweethearts is open 24/7 if you need us. Here is our contact information quick and easy, in-world or out!

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