Introducing Ms Sweethearts 2015

  Ms Broadwaygirl1 Resident



Interview with Ms Sweethearts 2015

We asked Ms Broadwaygirl1 Resident the important questions YOU would want to know and here are the results.

What's the best part of being Ms Sweethearts?

 I believe that there is more than just one best part of being Ms. Sweethearts. However, my favorite part of being Ms Sweethearts is representing a club that I call home, its owners and the people that have become my family. Also, I am looking forward to fundraising for the charities that Sweethearts has chosen to participate in.

When you were going through the pageant process, was the competition tough?

The pageant process itself was difficult because it challenged me to be the best that I could be. The competition between the other pageant contestants was very difficult because each girl had something special and unique that they brought to the pageant. Everyone was on their A game.

What would be the message you'd like to send to the hopefuls of the future pageant?

The message that I would send to the hopefuls of the future pageant would be that even though the journey may seem long, the learning experience is priceless. Regardless of the outcome, you will gain confidence and poise that will impact your sl as well as your rl. With that being said, we are all worth while women and you are all winners.  

What has been the most memorable day you've had so far as Ms. Sweethearts?

It would be hard to choose just one memorable day so far as Ms. Sweethearts, I feel that everyday since I won Ms. Sweethearts has been memorable.

Has your title in SL affected your RL in anyway?

  My title in sl has affected my rl in many ways. For example, one way was that this title made me more a confident person. I feel more confident in myself knowing that I can achieve anything as long as I work hard for it and set my mind to it.

Do people treat you any different now that you are Ms. Sweethearts?

No one has treated me differently and I hope that they never do because I am the same person that I was before I won the crown. I still believe in respecting people and treating them with kindness

Now that you're Ms Sweethearts, how do you think you can help Sweethearts?

I think that I can help Sweethearts by always supporting and being available in participating in Charities and events. Making sure that Sweethearts reaches new all time high goals.

What is your goal as Ms Sweethearts?

My goal as Ms. Sweethearts is to  keep Sweethearts the best club in Second Life. Sweethearts has the reputation of making everyone feel comfortable and at home and I would like to continue that reputation and make Sweethearts a more memorable club.

What was the live Crowning like?

The live crowning was very emotional and very memorable to me. The crowning and the pageant is a moment that I will never forget as long as I live. I believe that any of us could have won, so I was and still am very honored to be chosen as Ms. Sweethearts.





Presenting, The Top 5 Finalist of the Ms Sweethearts Pageant 2015

Pageant Crowning LIVE March 14, 2014 at 10am SLT in the ballroom!

 Photos by AviChoice Nominated Photographer, Shannon Bramlington. All photos were done in the same fashion for fair comparison with finalists wearing white gowns, photo bloom 80, photo radiance 81, spotlight radius of 30 and contrast of 21, photos sizes are the same 768x768 no facial blur was used.

The Ms Sweethearts Crowning takes place in the Sweethearts Ballroom on March 14, 2015 at 10am. You voted, and our celebrity judges will crown our next Ms Sweethearts 2015.

Ranked number 1 In the Voting Totals, Ms Broadwaygirl1 Resident


Ranked number 2 In the Voting Totals, Ms Dolly Warden


Ranked number 3 In the Voting Totals, Ms Rosesforelane Resident


Ranked number 4 In the Voting Totals, Ms LadyRoseCherry Serenity


Ranked number 5 In the Voting Totals, Ms Gwennie Oldrich


Our Current Ms Sweethearts 2014 Ms Kennedy Fairlane


Question and Answer with Ms Sweethearts 2014 Ms Kennedy Fairlane

(Photography by Shannon Bramlington)

1. What's the best part of being Ms Sweethearts?
The best part of being Ms. Sweethearts is two-fold for me. 1. Being able to belong to this wonderful group of people is such a privilege! And, 2. The interaction among the guests, hosts and owners is an experience like no other. You are ALWAYS welcomed and treated like you are family the moment you walk in. Our guests at Sweethearts are TRULY the most fun-loving, involved and 'sweetest' folks you'll ever meet on the grid!

2. When you were going through the pageant process, was the competition tough?
The competition was extremely tough, but fun and organized to a "T"! All the girls were fabulous and high spirited in hopes of winning all the way through. Not only are you up against many gorgeous, intelligent and experienced women in this pageant, you must make sure you are 'on your A game' throughout the entire competition.

3. What would be the message you'd like to send to the hopefuls of the future pageant?
To hopefuls in future pageants I would say to always be yourself and above all BE CONFIDENT. Be kind and thoughtful and carry yourself with true respect for yourself and others around you. Win OR lose. Never give up and keep your spirits high and imagine yourself wearing the crown that represents Sweethearts. Go for the gusto and put your BEST foot forward in all that you say and do. You are in this pageant because you were selected on the way you are wonderfully perceived by others on your character and values. Don't let them down and no matter what, be positive! You CAN be the next Ms. Sweethearts.

 4. What has been the most memorable day you've had so far as Ms. Sweethearts?

5. Has your title in SL affected your RL in anyway?
No. I keep allll the SL glory in SL. LOL

6. Do people treat you any different now that you are Ms. Sweethearts?
I dont think people treat me any differently over all. I have always tried to be kind, respectful and helpful with or without the title and I always am well received  with good wishes in whatever I am doing at the time. Im really glad they don't treat me differently! I like being liked for who I am and not because of a title. They are all still VERY kind and excited for me. My friends have ALWAYS been supportive win or lose.

7. Now that you're Ms Sweethearts, how do you think you can help Sweethearts?
Service is my middle name! LOL I enjoy helping, promoting and hosting. Socializing and making people feel welcomed and comfortable so that they know they have a 'home' is what I love.

8. What is your goal as Ms Sweethearts?
My ultimate goal is to keep people coming to Sweethearts and to spread the word about this fabulous venue so that we gather even MORE fun in our 'family'. In order to obtain the goal, my intentions are to always be a model of thoughtfulness and kindness; to be welcoming and gracious to all I come in contact with in or outside of the venue.

9. What was the live Crowning like?

10. Where were you in RL when you were crowned?

11. Who was the first person you told?
I must say it was my close and dear friend Burke Millar. He has been a true, long time friend (over 8yrs in SL) and always supports me with enthusiasm! He is contagious when he is excited for me. He makes me laugh and feel proud of my accomplishments.

12. Does anyone in your RL know about your title in SL?
No. The glory is ALL mine to hold sacred in SL.

13. Where are you from in RL (which state)?

14. How old are you?
Old enough to step over the sim line into the adult regions. LOL

15. What do you do for a living in RL?
I crunch numbers....then eat them up with a spoon with salsa (I love Mexican food!).

16. Do you think that being Ms Sweethearts will change your personality in sl or rl?
Oh no. Im always a bubbly, optimist. I dont sweat the small stuff and enjoy everyday of RL and SL..

17. What were you doing to prepare for the pageant crowning?
To prepare, I was tweaking my look. My makeup, my wardrobe, my poses, my walk, my answers to questions and acceptance speech. All of those things are important as well as to practice practice, tweak, tweak. Being prepared is half the battle. It relieves a little bit of the jitters and creates more confidence.

18. You didn't get a chance to make your speech, what were you going to say?
Here is what I was going to say:
O.M.G. !!  (O)(O) . . . This is the most exciting day in my entire 7 years of Second Life!!! Thank you all so much!

First, I would like to say Thank you to the owners of Sweethearts, Shannon and Blake for sponsoring and choreographing such a wonderful event for the contestants and guests of Sweethearts year after year.. It truly is an honor to have been selected to represent this magnificent venue! (looks to Shannon and Blake and blows a kiss their way). And, I promise I will do you proud as Ms. Sweethearts 2014.

To all the contestants and judges, I would like to extend my Thanks to a FABULOUS group of Second Life's 'Best of the Best'! You all have been so kind, supportive and well, JUST AMAZING while participating in this pageant. It truly is an honor to have been a part of this VERY intense process of selecting just one Ms. Sweethearts 2014 when ALL of the contestants were SO deserving.

Most of all, my Thanks go out to you as members, guests and hosts of Sweethearts Jazz Club. Without all of you and your love for Sweethearts, none of this would be possible. It is YOU that make the Sweethearts venue come alive with fun, laughter and put it on the grid as the BEST JAZZ CLUB IN Second Life!

Again, Thank you (with teary eyes, curtsies with a graceful bow then blows a kiss to all).

19. What's the best and worst part of winning the title?
The BEST part is all the excitement and thrill of winning a title of the BEST Club in SL! The worst part is.......well, NONE!

20. Do you have any words of wisdom for the ladies thinking about the next pageant?
Be supportive of your co-contestants. You ALL have a chance to win and you are ALL truly a Ms. Sweethearts win or lose! Give it all you got and MORE! Congratulate each other on each achievement throughout the process and continue to be kind and respectful to each other. Never lose your sight on obtaining the crown. Always be the gracious and the fun-loving person you are to have come this far. Win or lose, remember to maintain and keep your attitude in 'check' at all times. You'll be representing a prestigious venue as Ms. Sweethearts and your actions will ultimately reflect on you, way after your crown has been passed on.

21. What are you going to do with the prize money?
Money wasn't important to me....nice, but not important. Its the FUN you have going thru the process and meeting new and FUN people!

22. Your own comments
A LOT of work, thought, choreograph and coordination is put into this pageant for a successful and respected event. Without the diligence of the owners and the members of Sweethearts, the crown you wear would not be possible. Give thanks to all that participate and who help make it a success. They have worked hard and will appreciate YOUR appreciation as well. Always be gracious and above all....have FUN!

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