Sweethearts Employee Application

I am applying for:(Required)*
♥ Searchable Name in Second Life. NO DISPLAY NAMES. If "Resident" is your last name then please put RESIDENT :(Required)*
♥ Avatar Rez Date:(Required)*
Are you at LEAST 60 days old in SL?(Required)*
Have you read our rules? If not, you must before finishing this application. (and yes we can tell if you don't read it) Read them here: http://sweetheartscentral.com/index.php/employment (Required)*
♥ Do you have the ability to speak on voice for Interview and training purposes?:(Required)*
♥ Do you have Skype?:(Required)*
E-mail Address (Not Required):
♥ Do you have a job right now in Second Life?(Required)*
♥ If YES Where? If NO say NOT ANY(Required)*
♥ Please list your PREVIOUS work experience, and their locations. If none, say NOT ANY(Required)*
♥ Do you own your own business in Second Life?(Required)*
♥If you own or have previously owned a business, what kind?
♥Do you HOPE to own a business, if so what kind?
♥Do you have any special skills or interests that would be useful to us? (computer graphics, other languages,) (Required)*
♥What country do you live in, in RL?(Required)*
♥What time zone are you in? (Example SLT +2)(Required)*
♥ How many hours do you spend in Second Life per day?(Required)*
♥ Our shifts are 2 hours long. Which time frames are you available to work in Second Life Time? Check all that Apply(Required)*
♥What is your primary reason for wanting to work with the Sweethearts family?(Required)*
♥ Are you Male or Female in SL?
♥Are you Male or Female in RL?
♥ Can we have 3 references please: (friends of yours in SL)
By Applying at Sweethearts you understand that it does not mean you will be hired. Sweethearts is under no obligation to hire you at anytime. You will be contacted via notecard to request an interview with you if you are selected.(Required)*
Are you over 18 years of age in Real Life?(Required)*
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